IT Management

IT Outsourcing

Any business that has any sort of technology knows that it can be a hassle to manage. Many businesses can not afford to have their own IT deparment but find that they are paying much more on a per-call basis for someone to come fix their equipment. Eliminate the added costs by outsourcing your IT needs to us.

We will sit down and meet with you to determine your exact needs. Once you are satisfied with your plan, we will take over all the support and maintenance of your equipment. For faster support, we can even place a technician in your place of business during normal business hours. It is like having your own IT department without needing to manage it!

During this process we will work out a schedule for equipment replacement with a prioritized list. In the end it is up to you how you would like to go about the equipment maintenance, we just like making recommendations. We have many different options for your business, and every contract is customized to your needs.

Managed Services and Network Monitoring

By using our specialized software, we are able to remotely montior your network 24/7 and automatically alert you or your IT staff of any issues when they arise. This way you are aware of the problem and are able to quickly diagnose and repair it.

Taking that concept one step further, we are able to remotely apply patches to your equipment and also manage your equipment. If you do not have the staffing, or are looking to cut costs internally, we can completely manage your devices. If something goes wrong, we can talk to your staff over the phone or dispatch a technician to your location to take care of the issue.

We specialize in all operating systems including Windows, Linux, Apple OS, Suse, etc...

Rate Schedule

Server Monitoring (Includes full reporting and remote support) - $29.95 per month/server

Workstation Monitoring (Includes full reporting and support) - $12.95 per month/node

Managed Anti-Virus - $9.95 per month/node

Per Device Setup Fee - $10.00

Call us today to set up your remote network management at 814-314-8521.