Are you prepared for what life has to throw at your business? Does your small operation lack the resources, or the time to plan for the unexpected? Let us help.

The 21st century has brought great technological advances, and also the greatest risk businesses have ever seen. Businesses need to take an overall look at their risk posture and make plans to both mitigate as well as tolerate certain risk. Pandemics, cyber warfare, ransomware, and many other things present great risk to 21st century small businesses. Don’t be caught planning after disaster already strikes.

We will be able to look at your business as a whole and help you decide what risks are tolerable and ones that need mitigated right away. We will help you perform:

  • SWOT Analysis
  • Business Risk Assessments
  • IT Risk and Security Assessments
  • Continuity of Business Assessments
  • IT Equipment and Software Audits

After the assessments are performed, we will give you tools to help you mitigate any risk as well as keep your business on track to face whatever lies ahead. We will continue to work with you to make sure that your bases are covered.

Some business risk inherently lies on the inside. The insider threat addresses risk from those that may work for you, or contractors that have close access to your business. To address that we offer the following:

  • Employee Cyber Awareness Training
  • Supervisor/Manager/C-Suite Insider Threat Training
  • Contractor Onboarding Techniques and Assessments

We will operate under an NDA to make sure that your business remains protected and your information safe!